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A list of previous projects we have done. Stay tuned for more recent projects in near future.

engine overhaul

awaiting restoration

Classic & Vintage Services

refresh - mechanical

'73 Mercedes 280SE

'67 Austin Healey Roadster

engine overhaul

engine overhaul

major mechanical service

'33 Rolls Royce 20-25

'73 Porsche 911

Restoration of fire damaged
1972 Mercedes-Benz 350SL

'67 Austin Healey Roadster

'76 Porsche 912E

'64 Chevrolet Corvette

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'67 Austin Healey Roadster

'76 BMW 2002 Coupe

'66 Mercedes 200

'66 Mercedes 230SL Roadster 
(2 of them)

1) Refresh - paint 
2) replace trunk & hood latches

'73 Mercedes 450SL Roadster

An unfortunate fire in a family heirloom....
The owner asked around and everyone said,
"Take it to Ditmire."
He did - We fixed it!!
He and the car lived happily ever after.

Life is short, Drive a Mercedes.

'56 Citroen 11CV Traction Avant

valve and carbon job complete

Past projects - before, during, and after pictures:

replace brakes & wheel cylinders - 

check over

1) new soft top 

2) Refresh - repair, paint, carpets

refresh - major mechanical

new wiring

'67 Volkswagon Beetle Cabriolet

Independent Mercedes Benz Sales & Service Specialists

engine mounts, brakes, check over

'79 Mercedes 450SL Roadster 
(2 of them)