'73 Mercedes 450SL Roadster

An unfortunate fire in a family heirloom....
The owner asked around and everyone said,
"Take it to Ditmire."
He did - We fixed it!!
He and the car lived happily ever after.

replace brakes & wheel cylinders - 

check over

'67 Volkswagon Beetle Cabriolet

engine overhaul

awaiting restoration

'76 BMW 2002 Coupe

Life is short, Drive a Mercedes.

'66 Mercedes 200

1) new soft top 

2) Refresh - repair, paint, carpets

We're just outside of Atlantic City, NJ

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'67 Austin Healey Roadster

'56 Citroen 11CV Traction Avant

engine overhaul

'67 Austin Healey Roadster

'66 Mercedes 230SL Roadster 
(2 of them)

'76 Porsche 912E

engine overhaul

1) Refresh - paint 
2) replace trunk & hood latches

major mechanical service

'79 Mercedes 450SL Roadster 
(2 of them)

refresh - major mechanical

engine mounts, brakes, check over

refresh - mechanical

'73 Porsche 911

Independent Mercedes Benz Sales & Service Specialists

Currently online are before, during and after pictures:

new wiring

'73 Mercedes 280SE

Restoration of fire damaged
1972 Mercedes-Benz 350SL

'64 Chevrolet Corvette

valve and carbon job complete

'33 Rolls Royce 20-25

'67 Austin Healey Roadster

Some of the great cars in residence on February 21, 2005

3 really great 280's on the lot at the same time. One for sale (lovely black, with recent engine overhaul and black leather interior, may go for paint soon, if you are interested, this is the time to call). One just sold and one belonging to a customer.

Collector Cars in the shop on February 21, 2005 
(along with 25 or so, modern cars and drivers)

Classic & Vintage Services