2005 Mercedes Benz E320 CDI
Stock # 5445
VIN #: WDBUF26J85A575491
Color: Black
Interior: Gray
Mileage: 299658

​A nice diesel for getting where you need to go. Just TWO owners. 
​3.2 Liter V6 Engine. Automatic Transmission, Power Steering and Brakes.

Price: $ 1,900         

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1976 Mercedes Benz 450SL 
Stock # 5494
VIN #: 10704412033139
Color: Blue
Interior: Cream
LOW Mileage: 49448

A pretty, metallic blue
​with the enamel hubcaps!

Automatic transmission, power steering, and brakes. Includes canvas and matching coupe top. 

Price: $ 12,900


1999 Jaguar XK8
Stock # 5484
VIN #: SAJGX2045XC036012
Color: Gold
Interior: Cream Leather
Mileage: 87845

A big V8 on a convertible makes
for a GREAT ride! 
The leather seats are cracked and have signs of amateur repair.
​ABS brakes and Traction Control.

Price: $ 5,900 

2001 Mercedes Benz C240
Stock # 5477
VIN #: WDBRF61J41F081369
Color: Navy
Interior: Cream
Mileage: 190139

A RARE 6-speed transmission sets this C-class apart! 
​Just two owners and no accidents.
Power Steering and ABS Brakes with Slip Control 

Price: $ 3,900         

1985 Mercedes 190E 2.3

Stock # 5505
VIN #: WDBDA24C8FF044976
Color: Blue
Interior: Palomino
Mileage: 104529

A current PA sticker means this baby is ready to keep driving 
​into the 21st century!

Automatic transmission, power steering, and brakes.

Price: $ 1,799    

Updated 2/11/19 9:30 AM

2009 Volvo C70
Stock # 5474
VIN #: YV1MC67249J073974
Color: Celestial Blue Metallic
Interior: Gray
Mileage: 128661

Just one previous owner on this pretty push button convertible. Front wheel drive, 5 cylinder engine with traction and stability control,
power steering, and ABS brakes. 

Price: $ 6,900    

2008 Mercedes Benz E350 4M
Stock # 5500
VIN #: WDBNG70J73A353514
Color: Black
Interior: Black
Mileage: 231087

​ A mid-size V8 for cruising
in style. ABS brakes and power steering etc.
​ HEATED SEATS! Perfect for the winter to come.

Price: $ 7,900

2005 Chrysler Town & Country
Stock # 5502
VIN #: 1C4GP45R25B177752
Color: White
Interior: Gray Cloth
Mileage: 240159

FOUR brand new tires and front wheel drive it's ready for SNOW!
A nice V6 engine with power steering,
ABS brakes, AND a CD player.

Price: $2,900

2002 Mercedes Benz C240
Stock # 5503
VIN #: WDBRF61J62F284412
Color: Silver
Interior: Gray
Mileage: 145789

Power Steering and ABS Brakes with Slip Control 

Price: $ 3,400         

Inventory Photos

1994 Mercedes Benz E320

Stock # 5507
VIN #: WDBEA66E2RC034153
Color: White
Interior: Blue
Mileage: 174659

RARE! E-class body with a soft top convertible. Well maintained with repair history available. 
3.2 Liter, 6 cylinder engine with power steering and ABS brakes.

Price: $ 8,900

Mercedes​ Inventory
- Updated 2/11/19  9:30 AM

1986 Jaguar XJ6
Stock # 5501
VIN #: KNDJC733055335375
Color: Blue
Interior: Gray Cloth
Mileage: TMU

A GREAT special-interest driver.  Chevrolet 350 cubic inch engine, professional swap with "John's Jaguar" V-8 kit.

Body solid but a few rust patches. Needs brake work, true mileage unknown, being sold AS IS. 

Price: $1,800

2003 Mercedes Benz SL500
Stock # 5438
VIN #: WDBSK75F73F050869
Color: Silver
Interior: Gray
Mileage: 82645

A big V8 engine, ABS braking, power steering and everything else too. PLUS the no coupe top storage - it slides neatly into the car's trunk!

Price: $ 12,500

1986 Mercedes 190E 2.3

Stock # 5447
VIN #: WDBDA24D6GF249965
Color: Smoke Silver
Interior: Palomino
Mileage: 215913

Classic Mercedes body style. There's always room for one more in the driveway! 
A good driver as is or ready for some cosmetic TLC to show off. ​Automatic transmission, power steering and brakes.

Price: $ 900    

2000 Mercedes Benz CL500
Stock # 5492
VIN #: WDBSK75F73F050869
Color: Brilliant Silver
Interior: Gray Leather
Mileage: 141148

A sleek, silver coupe for you
and your honey!

NO accidents reported. 
A nice V8 engine in a rear wheel drive car. And naturally, it comes with power steering, brakes, and all the bells and whistles.​

Price: $ 6,900