"Frequently Asked Questions" about buying a Mercedes

Don't Mercedes cost $50,000 or more? 
NO! Ditmire Motorworks sells our Mercedes for less than you’d expect. With Chryslers and Toyotas costing $30K these days, driving a Mercedes from us doesn’t cost more!

A Used Car? Moi? 
While it’s true most of our owners have never bought a used car before - it’s not unusual for us to trade in a three year old care on a ten year old Mercedes! It’s OK. The Mercedes you buy from us probably has a lot more life left in it than even a NEW “Brand X” car.

Aren't Mercedes all Diesels? I'm not sure I'd like a diesel. 
No, many older Mercedes are diesels, newer ones (from 1986 forward) have gasoline engines. In our experience who have owned a Mercedes Diesel always want another one the next time, while first time Mercedes buyers assume they wouldn’t like a Diesel (we think it’s because GM dragged the Diesel name through the mud with that abortive Olds diesel). Choose your Mercedes on price, condition, and how well it fits in your garage! Keep an open mind on the technical details.

Aren't repair costs high? 
Not around here! Whether your Mercedes came from us or someone else, our shop is the best place to have it maintained. We stock new, remanufactured, and used parts and our mechanics are simply the best. The money you spend on your Mercedes doesn’t go to waste - year after year, you get safe, reliable motoring. If you have any questions, be sure to call or email - I’ll be glad to help you out!

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While Ditmire Motorworks is in the process of settling the estate of Bill Ditmire​​, we will be on a 'Sales Sabbatical'.
Bear with us for a few weeks until the T's are crossed and the I's are dotted.

Slow progress is still progress... we are actively working to get back to selling used Mercedes-Benz and other fine cars.

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